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Buying a home in Finland as a Foreigner

Buying a home is one of the biggest purchasing decisions of your life. As if that would not be overwhelming in itself, doing it as a foreigner in Finland is even more overwhelming. Without the proper preparation and understanding, you will most likely end up loosing thousands or even tens of thousands of euros when buying a home in Finland. However, it does not need to be difficult to succeed in buying a home in Finland. I am here to help.

My goal is to help you succeed in the Finnish housing market.  Whether you are just getting started in the process, or you already have a place you are interested in, my services will prove to be on big help.

The best place to start is to attend my online course on buying a home in Finland. The course goes through the whole purchasing process of buying a home in Finland, step-by-step. After attending the course you will be much more confident and knowledgeable in what you are doing. The course has already helped hundreds of people succeed in buying a home in Finland. Find out more about the online course from the link below.

In addition, I provide one-on-one services, such as phone consultations. Furthermore, I can analyze all the relevant documents of an apartment that you are interested in to give you confidence that you are making a good deal.

Sakari Tolppanen


Hey, my name is Sakari Tolppanen, or Zack for short.
I’m an educator, researcher, entrepeneur and real-estate investor.

Over the past ten years I have spent thousands and thousands of hours studying the real-estate market. I have analyzed close to a thousand appartments in various cities all around Finland and I’ve helped hundreds of people succeed in the housing market. Many of my customers have saved thousands and even tens of thousands of euros by avoiding the biggest pitfalls in the housing market, so it it is no wonder that they have been satisfied with my services.
You can find more information on me here.

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