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Sakari Tolppanen,

I am an educator who gets satisfaction from helping others learn and succeed. I am also a researcher (both by nature and by profession) who wants to learn how the world works. While my passion for research and the real-estate market has helped me make great deals as a real-estate investor, I have also seen how many people struggle in the real-estate market and end up making bad deals, costing them a lot of money. That is what really awakened my inner educator and I decided that I could share my knowledge and help in the housing market

A decade old passion

My interest in the housing market started almost a decade ago, in 2011. By nature, I have always been the type who studies and examines things in depth, and I really wanted to understand the housing market. Therefore, I began to read everything I could find on real-estate investment, construction, renovations, housing market trends and negotiations. So practically everything, even remotely related to the housing market. In the first years I also analyzed hundreds of apartments to understand differences in apartments, micro-locations and how real-estate agents tried to sell their products. I didn’t leave a single stone unturned and it payed off, as I gradually learned to detect pricing errors and situations when I could make really great deals in the real-estate market.

Juggling with a dissertation and a renovation

I had just started doing my PhD-dissertation when I found my first apartment to buy. It was a real bomb, needing extensive renovation. The wallpaper were falling off and the roof was yellow from tobacco smoke. But I was up to the challenge. I simply couldn’t refuse good deals, even though it meant doing my thesis at day time and renovating on the evenings and the weekends. I had been following the housing market for a long time and saw that there was potential here. There was just one problem. The seller was still expecting to get more from the apartment than what I was willing to pay.
I had done my recearch and I had calculated that I shouldn’t pay over 107 000€ for the apartment. However, the seller was expecting to get 128 000€. Luckily, I had also brushed up on my negotiations skills and had noted a few aspects that could help us strike a win-win deal. After extensive negotiations, I managed to buy the apartment for 97 000€, so 10 000€ below what I was willing to pay. Furthermore, I managed to get the building condominium to pay from my entire bathroom renovation, saving me another 10 000€, or so. Since then, I have done similar and even better deals numerous times, proving that the housing market offers huge potential if you know what you are doing.

A growing appetite

After finishing my first renovation, I started looking for the next apartment to buy. I knew I didn’t have the finances to make my next deal right away, but I realized that I loved analyzing apartments anyways. That is when many of my friends started to ask if I could give them help in the housing market. I managed to help many of them find good deals for themselves, while I was increasing my know-how on the markets and negotiating good deals. In my biased opinion, if such an academic degree would exist, I think I should have awarded a masters in home-hunting, for all the research that I did.

Help in the housing market

During the next few years I started getting many people asking me for help in the housing market. That is when I decided to set up a company and help many more succeed. From the start, my goal was to both educate people about the real-estate market as well as to analyze apartments for customers, to help them save time and get an ease of mind before making their final purchasing decision. Since then, it has been a great privilege to be able to help many succeed in buying a home in Finland, while simultaneously following my own passion. I will gladly help you too, so if you need help, take a look at my services and see which one would be most useful to you.

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