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MiCasa for Business Program

Helping employees integrate to Finland

Does your business want to help your international employees integrate to Finland? An important step in the integration process is buying a home that feels like home.

However, buying a home is often a daunting experience even for natives. There is a lot of things a home buyer needs to know and the necessary information is not readily available. But don’t worry, we’ve solved this problem for you.

I will help on the real estate market

Workshop on buying a home in Finland

Having already helped hundreds of clients buy a home in Finland, Sakari Tolppanen, the founder of MiCasa, noticed that all of his customers were struggling with similar questions and problems.

Building on his experience as both a consultant and a real-estate investor, Sakari put together a four-hour long workshop that brings together all of the most essential things a home buyer should know when buying a home in Finland.

The workshop has been held in several companies and has been received very well. The first indication of that is that the workshop tend to fill up really fast and those attending the course have given superior feedback (NPS = 78).

Educating people in buying a home in Finland

So what excactly is the workshop about?

During the workshop we go through twelve key steps that we know can help people make the right decisions when buying a home. In addition, we have time for discussion and addressing your employees specific questions.

1. Brief outlook of the housing markets

Is now a good time to buy? A brief look at the history and current state of the real-estate markets in Finland

 2.Getting ready to buy     

Many people have been thinking of buying a home, but are unsure how to proceed. We go through a step-by-step process on how to move forward.

3.What are you buying into?

How do building complexes work in Finland? What is the role of an “isännöitsijä”? What about the “huoltoyhtiö”? Who is the Board made up off and what do they do?

4.Responsibilities of a homeowner and the buyer

Learn the responsibilities of the buyer, the seller and the building complex. You just might end up getting a bathroom renovation for free.

5.Price and expenses

The different price-points on a listing, and how to interpret them?

6.Taxes & tax-benefits in home ownership

What taxes do you need to pay and how to make the most out of tax-benefits?

7. Banking and mortgage

Euribor explained and how much is a good bank’s margin? What different options are there for a mortgage? What type of fees are involved?

8. Renovations

What are the cost and time frames of renovations done in the building complex? And how much will it cost to do an interior renovation?

9. Which one is a better deal?

Comparing two apartments to determine which one is a better deal.

10. Is buying a home a good investment?

How to determine whether buying a home is a good investment?

11. Online tools for the real-estate market

The most useful online tools when buying a home in Finland and how to use them to get a better understanding of the markets and pricing?

12. Making an offer and negotiating in the real-estate market

I think I found my dream-home. How do I proceed, and can I negotiate on price?

If you want to help your employees succeed in buying a home in Finland, contact us at sakari@micasaconsulting.com to discuss the opportunity of organizing the workshop for your employees.

We are confident that both your employees and your business will benefit.