Buying a home in challenging times

Unless you’ve lived in a dungeon for the past year, you know that there is a lot going on in the world right now.

War, energy crisis, labor shortages,
Inflation, recession, stagflation…
You name it.

These major changes in our economy will have a big impact on our surrounding world. The housing market is no exception.

But what should we expect from the housing market moving forward?
Should you be considering buying a home right now, or should you wait for the dust to settle?

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It is hard to navigate the current housing market, as there are many things going on and things are changing very fast.

I know many potential home buyers are feeling uncertain on what to do.

I want to help you in the process.

For this reason, I’ve put together a FREE webinar, where I’ll share my insights on the current markets and discuss how you, as a home buyer, can navigate through the storm.


In the webinar, we’ll cover topics such as:

  • How will prolonged high inflation effect the housing market?
  • How high can we expect interest rates to go? And in what ways will higher interest rates effect the housing market?
  • What may be the potential impact of a recession on the housing market?
  • What can you do to protect yourself from the uncertainties of the future and try to make a good deal in the housing market?

As you can tell, the questions above are future-orinted. So, i’ll say it up front, I cannot see into the future. No one can.

But as the old saying goes, history does not repeat itself but it rhymes.

As a student of history, I’ve learned to understand how different factors may effect the housing market. Based on my understanding, I’ve developed different scenarios of how the markets may play out in the years ahead.

In the upcoming webinar, I will share these scenarios with you to help you make wise and informed decisions in the housing market.

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The online webinar is held on saturday 30.7.2022 at 15:00.
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A recording will be provided for those who cannot make it online.

And now you're thinking: Well, who is this guy?
Sakari Tolppanen

Hi! My name is Sakari Tolppanen or Zack, for short.
By trait I am an educator and a researcher, which means that I really like to understand things deeply and then put them into a package that is easy for others to understand as well. I’ve been helping home buyers nagivate the housing market for almost 7 years now, having helped hundreds of people make more informed decisions.

And that is exactly what this webinar is about. We’ll delve into current state of the Finnish housing markets with a global perspective, discuss central bank policy and many other aspects that will help you understand the markets and decide for yourself if now is a good time to buy a home or not.