The process of buying a home in Finland does not need to be a pain in the ass

When buying a home in Finland, the last thing you want to do is cross your fingers and hope for the best. There are many things you need to consider and many important questions you need ask. If you don’t, you might end up making a very expensive mistake. However, the process buying a home in Finland does not need to be a nightmare, nor do you need to use thousands of hours to do your research. I’ve done it for you. And to help you, I have put together a workshop on buying a home in Finland so that I can share my insights with you.

Hey, my name is Sakari Tolppanen and I’ve studied the Finnish housing market for almost a decade and I’ve been a real-estate investor since 2014. Over the years I’ve learned how the markets work and what are the most important things to consider when buying a home in Finland. However, I know that for many first-time home buyers buying a home can be overwhelming, as it is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make.

Crossing your fingers and hoping for the besst

Workshop on buying a home in Finland

To make buying a home easy for you, I have put together a workshop which goes through all the most important aspects of buying a home in Finland. I have already held the workshop several times in companies, from which the feedback has been amazing. Practically all of the attendees have found the workshop very helpful (average 4.5/5) and would definitely recommend it to a friend (4.4/5). Therefore, I am confident that you will find the workshop helpful too.


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Customers experience:

“The workshop on buying a home in Finland was excellent! It helped me get over the fear and uncertainty of buying an apartment, and it gave me a lot of resources to help me make the best choice. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone who is considering buying a home."


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Customer experience:

"Before Sakari's workshop, I had many questions regarding buying a home in Finland. The workshop clarified a lot of things for me and I found the workshop very helpful. I am now better informed and feel more confident about real estate purchasing. I would really recommend this workshop for anyone considering buying a home in Finland."

Raja Ghosh

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Will this workshop be useful to me?

This workshop has been created for first-time home buyers. During the 3½ hour online workshop, we will cover all the important aspects that you need to know before buying a home in Finland. These covered topics are:

1. Brief outlook of the housing markets

Is now a good time to buy? A brief look at the history and current state of the real-estate markets in Finland

2. Getting ready to buy     

Have you been thinking of buying a home, but are unsure how to proceed? Learn a step-by-step process on how to find a home for you.

3. What are you buying into?

How do building complexes work in Finland? What is the role of an “isännöitsijä”? What about the “huoltoyhtiö”? Who is the Board made up off and what do they do?

4. Responsibilities of home owner and buyer

What are the responsibilities of the buyer and the seller? How about the responsibilities of an owner and the building complex?

5. Price and expenses

What are all the different price-points on a listing, and how to interpret them?

6. Taxes & tax-benefits in home ownership

What taxes do you need to pay and how to make the most out of tax-benefits?

7. Banking and mortgage

What is an Euribor and how much is a good bank’s margin? What different options are there for a mortgage? What type of fees are involved?

8. Renovations

When are renovations due in a building complex and how much do they cost? What are the costs and responsibilities when renovating in my own apartment?

9. Which one is a better deal?

Comparing two apartments to determine which one is a better deal.

10. Is buying a home a good investment?

 How to determine whether buying a home is a good investment?

11. Online tools for the real-estate market

What are the most useful online tools when buying a home in Finland and how to use them to get a better understand on the markets and pricing?

12. Making an offer and negotiating in the real-estate market

I think I found my dream-home. How do I proceed, and can I negotiate on price?

Customer experience:

"I've bought an apartment in Scotland before moving here, and this was a very good and informative workshop which helped me understand the differences with buying in Finland. During the workshop I learned many things, including the general process of buying an apartment, getting a loan, making an offer, how housing companies work as well as the rough guide to costs for renovations (and how it's shared between owners).   The workshop was easy to follow and I also really appreciated how Sakari was open to all kinds of questions from us and was able to answer them all very well.  I'd recommend this to first time buyers in Finland, regardless of if you've bought in other countries before, as it explained how things work here and I feel much more confident now about how property ownership works here now."

Adam Munson

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Finding information about buying a home in Finland

Customer experience:

"Sakari's workshop on buying a home in Finland is full of useful information about all aspects of this process! I learned particular steps needed to buy an apartment, pitfalls along the way and all the important things to check before making a purchase. I give the workshop ten out of ten!"

Anton Nikolaienko

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What is the value of this workshop?

The true value of this workshop is that you will become a conscious home buyer, who will be able to save thousands of euro’s by avoiding the biggest pitfalls in the housing market. By attending this comprehensive workshop, you will also save a lot of time, as all the relevant information on buying a home in Finland is put together into one compact workshop.

Therefore, the value you get from this workshop is easily worth over 2000€, but I am offering the workshop for only 499€.

Furthermore,  I am now offering the workshop for a 40% discount. That means that the workshop will only cost you 299€.

The online workshop will be held online on Tuesday 2.2 and Wednesday 3.2 at 17-19 respectively. The sign-up ends on 1.2.2021 at 16:00.

 ONLY 15 ATTENDEES will be allowed in the workshop to ensure high quality discussions.

So don’t wait any longer!


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This workshop is for anyone who is considering buying a home in an apartment building in Finland. Even if you have previously bought a home in another country other than Finland, you will find this workshop useful.

The workshop will be held by Sakari Tolppanen. Sakari has already helped hundreds of first-time home buyers in buying a home in Finland and is well familiar with the market. As a PhD in education, he has the skill of presenting things in a clear and easily understandable way and will surely keep you engaged. He speaks fluent English, as he has lived abroad for a significant portion of his childhood.

The workshop will be held in English.

Yes, if you and your spouse live under the same roof and attend the workshop with the same device, it is ok for both of you to be online.

Not directly. This course is primarily meant for those interested in buying a home in an apartment building. However, many of the same principles covered in the course also apply for detached homes, so you may still find the course useful.

The payment is done through a bank-transfer. Once you sign-up, you will be sent an invoice, followed with instructions on how to attend the workshop.

Yes, of course. To cancel your purchase, please email sakari[at]micasaconsulting.com. If you cancel your purchase 24 hours prior to the start of the workshop, you will get a full refund. If you cancel later than this (but before the start of the workshop), you cannot get a money refund, but your payment can be used to cover the costs of a future workshop.

We do business with the highest ethical standards, as our reputation counts on it. We operate under a registered company, located in Finland (ID: 3162168-6).  This ensures that everything is done by abiding to Finnish law.

Hundreds of people have already trusted my expertise in the housing market, and this workshop has been tested with great results. Therefore, I am 100% confident that I am able to provide significant value to any first time home buyer.

Customer experience:

"This workshop was a very good starting point to start looking at properties.
It gave me a very good insight into the costs, financing and responsibilities involved".

Matt Allan

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